Video Production

Whether you need a small scale event covered, a short promotional video, or a long term documentary project, filmmaker Michael Ney has been involved in an extensive array of jobs and types of clients. If your project requires larger teams with high-end equipment (common for corporate videos) that is easily accomplished as well. Eagle Spirit Media, provides a one-stop shop for most production needs - large or small - and has an extensive network of professional colleagues in video and digital media production, and marketing.


Please talk to us about your ideas. We have the skills and experience with many styles and budgets - for all sorts of purposes.

Different types of documentary production are possible...

• Intended for broadcast television or subscriber TV, ie Netflix

• Short promotional documentary for your website or blog

• Instructional documentary for training staff or clients

• Behind the Scenes documentary for movies or TV shows

• Combination of location and studio for scripted content

• Use of green screen and presenter with various backgrounds


As in documentary, there are numerous ways to present your promotional video and many aspects will dictate your choice of approach - TV advertising, to web use or email campaign.

Here are some questions to think about...

Who is your audience? Clients, students, prospective buyers?

How is your audience going to view the video? What platform?

What is the ideal length? Youtube 30-90 seconds - or Web 1-3 minuntes?

How many locations, scenes, actors, etc - for what budget?


Elearning is increasingly popular due to its ease of use, open availability and scalable design - whether for a long course or a short topic. One possibility is to hold events where a presenter(s) will offer their knowledge and insights on various topics. This material can then be used in multiple ways - transcripts converted into training manuals or blog posts, complete videos put into elearning platforms with questionnaires and teacher/student engagement. In terms of production values, you will want your videos to be pleasantly lit in an attractive setting and the audio quality to be as clear as possible - and finally edited into an engaging project - preferably with multi-cam and inclusion of illustrative slides and images. Other than live events, the use of green screen is useful and allows for a wide variety of backgrounds and text overlays.

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