The 'Ghosts of War' Story

“Ghosts of War” was conceived to be an exploration of the idea that for those who fought, they had to separate the man with his humanity and the man as soldier. That to become a warrior, one must undergo a schism, resulting in the de-humanised killer ready to follow orders to the death on one side; and the compassionate, humanist, free-thinking individual on the other, which is typically left behind amongst memories of home and hearth and family. To this end, the main character of Richmond undergoes a comparative transformation between his two halves as they are brought back together after he is abruptly killed. In a kind of ‘limbo’, Richmond is left to confront his other half - something and someone he completely fails to recognise. Enduring a gamut of emotions, Richmond’s two halves argue as they must eventually become one so that he can enter the afterlife. -  from Ghosts of War - Director’s Statement - by David Sander.

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