Noric Dilanchian

Dilanchian Lawyers & Consultants

“I have had the good fortune to find in Michael Ney a service provider (Video and Web Development Producer) with whom I can collaborate creatively and quickly get fair deals done commercially. For me, he has built websites, as well as produced, shot and edited videos, and also developed a major web online training platform. In concept development Michael is great at creative leap frog. In implementation he is fastidious and holistic, recognising that great work almost always has to be crafted.”

Cindi Drennan

Producer, Illuminart

“Michael is a very experienced multimedia and video producer, with a breadth of knowledge including theatre, performance, documentary and events. We've worked together on several projects over the years, and Michael's ideas, experience, professionalism and passion have been invaluable contributions which always helps us achieve our goals successfully.”

Andrew Morse

Producer, Digital Tsunami

“I have engaged Michael on several editing projects. The clients were global brands and the quality which Michael delivered was of broadcast standard. In a video Editor, I look for sensitivity to subject, tempo and the implicit as well as the explicit message. Michael delivers on all these. As a Cameraman, Director and Producer of his own projects, he also offers an understanding of the media which is comprehensive and coherent.”

Sharon White

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