Crystal Waters – 30 Years On

This feature documentary "Crystal Waters - 30 Years On" takes a look at the varied community activities and arts, and also explores behind the scenes with some notable gardens, planted forests and much loved regeneration areas, as well as successful cash crops and a variety of businesses. "It is a wonderful experiment", says Bernard O'Scanaill.

    Agricultural use of the land has been limited so far, but as Max Lindegger, one of the original designers and ongoing Permaculture Design Course teachers says "It's not too late", and the rich soil setting is ready for productive use. Permaculture related education is a highlight with Morag Gamble. Her family and other teachers such as Robin Clayfield, and long time resident Barry O'Connell conduct tours of Crystal Waters for the public. Courses in permaculture are also available online and in person. In the documentary, builder, Jan Freyee also introduces some alternative building methods used in the village.

    Given a UN Habitat Award in 1996, Crystal Waters is known worldwide for its permaculture setting and educational courses. Author and facilitator, Robin Clayfield, holds regular dynamic group workshops as well as teacher trainings and also importantly, Social Permaculture, applying permaculture principles towards social change. Amy Jansen, land manager at Crystal Waters, and Morag Gamble explore the importance of riparian zones, and Graeme Harpley shows us a bush regeneration project on the property which he manages.

    In 2018, Crystal Waters, the world's first permaculture designed settlement, celebrated their 30th Anniversary of establishing the community in a legal sense. The diverse community of Crystal Waters EcoVillage has many successes to rejoice about, and some lessons from the past to learn from... they openly acknowledge the village may not have achieved their initial vision of permaculture abundance as yet, and there are some challenges still to be resolved.

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Baba's Birthday

'Baba's Birthday' follows Luke Sumner, a young Aussie, as he journeys to India in search of spiritual meaning. In Meherabad Luke will celebrate Avatar Meher Baba's birthday, and be involved in the production of a play written and composed just in time for this purpose. Along the way we see the bustling culture of Mumbai, the Pilgrim's Centre in Meherabad, and places of pilgrimage for many thousands of people each year. The program concludes with the Dhuni fire ritual - a special occasion for surrender and rededication to God. "Love and happiness are the only important things in life, and they are both absent in the dry and factual knowledge which is accessible to the intellect. Spirituality does not consist of intellectual knowledge of true values, but in their realization." – Meher Baba.

Peace Angels – first steps

This 26 minute documentary follows the early development of a transformational theatre company known as The Peace Angels. They gathered together, in spiritual practise as well as theatre skills and choreography, over many months leading up to a celebration in support of a global event called Peace One Day. Founded in 1999 by UK filmmaker and actor Jeremy Gilley, Peace One Day is a non-profit organisation whose objective is to institutionalise the International Day of Peace. In Sydney, Australia, we witness The Peace Angels behind-the-scenes in rehearsals leading up to the mammoth main event in Hyde Park, Sydney, and show full coverage of their beautiful "Walking Light" ceremony.

The ‘Ghosts of War’ Story - Making Of

This "making of" a short film written and directed by David Sander, Ghosts of War describes the lengths the filmmakers took to create the exceptionally authentic look and feel of the trenches of the First World War in northern France. David's script deals with the idea that all men who go to war must divide themselves into two people - he who is to go off to war to kill the enemy of his nation; and he who retains the sensibilities of care, compassion, individuality and humanity. When a soldier is killed, it is the missing half that comes to claim him, to make him whole again so he can enter the afterlife. Our behind-the-scenes presentation, narrated by Peter Sumner, explores the research and details of production that went into the creation of the short film.

Youth Matters - Campaign Video

This behind-the-scenes production, commissioned by an ad agency on behalf of Marist Brothers' in 2008, follows the development of a group of "at-risk" teenagers over six weeks. As well as barista training, they are each given various roles to train for at The Observatory Hotel, in The Rocks, Sydney. Their subsequent rise in personal confidence and appearance is evident and they all relish the opportunity to further themselves and leave their troubled backgrounds behind. This short documentary was used in support of fundraising and promotion of the aims and objectives of the charity organisation.

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Realview Digital - Promotional Video

Designed to have maximum impact in a short space of time this short promotional video is cram packed with production goodies! Actor/presenter Donna Brooks takes us on a tour through this online platform. We used a green screen and added custom graphics to illustrate the system which magazines can use to publish online versions.

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