Peace Angels - first steps

The Peace Angels, a transformational theatre company, is the dreamchild of Antoinette Sampson who began using theatre, imagery, and art to spread a message of hope and peace throughout the world. The Peace Angels combine performance with an intention to raise consciousness, open the hearts and minds of its audience to promote a more loving, peaceful way of life for everyone.

Antoinette is one of Australia’s most inspiring artistic directors... previously a dynamic acting teacher at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art), and also a former Artistic Director of ATYP (Australian Theatre for Young People) where she produced astonishingly ambitious shows - blending professional and non-professional performers into fascinating large-scale events in unusual environments.

A month before the September 2011 performance, Antoinette gave filmmaker Michael Ney open access behind-the-scenes to shoot their first event in Hyde Park. During that time, rehearsals and interviews were shot in various locations, and explored deeper themes for the documentary.

In support of Peace One Day on 21 September, the Peace Angels responded to a call to release the pain and suffering of the past, and “anchor and celebrate” the great peace we enjoy in Sydney. Each Peace Angel individually learns to embody peace in their lives through meditation and this performance experience. Compared to Africa, the Middle East, or Europe now, in Sydney, we are relatively sheltered. The Peace Angels are well aware that love and hope may not directly feed people, but it certainly is a driving force in survival and striving for a better world. This inspires others to act in kindness and compassion to help the less fortunate. That is the inspiration and ongoing motivation behind the Peace Angels and the message within this documentary.

This program records the magic of how these everyday people make their own individual efforts to shine, and how their visionary leader, Antoinette, enlists support from an impressive group of celebrities who are also on a quest for a better world. As the bar gets higher at each step, the challenges and surprises keep coming - as well as the ease and grace to surmount them.

The video on this page is the 150 second trailer.

>> If you wish to see the completed documentary, please click here.

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