Crystal Waters 30 Years On DVD01

Crystal Waters 30 Years On DVD01

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Crystal Waters - 30 Years On

A 30th Anniversary project celebrating the past, present and future of the Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage.

Crystal Waters, the oldest permaculture village in the world, is a living example of the total diversity which the practice of permaculture represents – a self-sustaining eco-system. This EcoVillage has over 90 dwellings and community buildings, with approximately 320 residents on 640 acres with 16 water dams. It is located about 100km north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia near the main town of Maleny and nearby village and school at Conondale. With it's own monthly markets, sourdough bakery and cafes, bamboo and wood plantations, fire brigade, many veggie gardens, and even its own cemetery, Crystal Waters is known worldwide as an established centre for permaculture education with venues for design courses and health retreats. The Eco Centre is the place for a genuine immersion experience and is linked to credit-earning university programmes. Crystal Waters community has creative and innovative people working towards the goal of living in harmony with nature.

Crystal Waters offers courses in permaculture design, environmental restoration, and community work. The UN Habitat Award-winning ecovillage features housing in rammed earth, pole structures, mud brick, domes, and straw bale. Demonstration sites exist for water harvesting, waste water use, rainwater collection, swales, dams, artificial wetlands, biolytic treatment, compost toilets, stand-alone and grid-connected solar power systems, heat pumps, cell grazing, land restoration, reforestation, orchard culture, wildlife corridor and rainforest applications. Crystal Waters has a range of eco-systems, and abundant and diverse wildlife, which live in harmony and close proximity with humans.



“INCREDIBLE, captivating, informative, endearing... an honest overview of the establishment of the famous World-First permaculture village Crystal Waters established on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in 1977. How an older generation are now passing over the reigns to a younger generation to help grow a real trend for conscious cities of the future.”

- JimmyZ -

"This portrait of Crystal Waters is full of genuine people and reflects the diverse things we can all offer in community life. I really enjoyed seeing the range of ages and people from all different countries who are brought together through their passion for Crystal Waters. The historical footage was a great addition. This film is thoughtfully balanced and provides a window into a unique community. I recommend it!"

- Claire Ogden, Eco Villages Australia -

"What a rich and colourful His & Her story of a glorious land where common unity has, and does, flourish. Director, Michael Ney, weaves a tapestry of stories - told, and yet-to-be told - of a land that beckons enquiry through habitat, and is defined as much by it's humaness, as it is by it's faery "folkiness". It is this mesh of beauty that enCOURAGES us to choose a path with gratitude for the simple freedoms that a bunch of folk living in the bush by a crystal brook are so very wealthy to share in. Thank you Michael for your technical skills and fresh perspective, and for the joy and inspiration your Crystal Waters documentary shall certainly inspire." - Hayley Buchanan, Crystal Waters Resident

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