Edutainment events, narrated audio-visual movie nights for "Cultural Creatives".

A "Growing Community" Event – Double Doco!

Ecovillage Pioneers 

A journey towards low impact living
Deep Listening 
The Secret to Living in Community

PLUS a REPLAY of conversation excerpts

with filmmaker, Helen Iles - recorded 21 July 2019.
Helen will join us again for another live conversation from Spain.

7pm Thursday 1 August
at Lot 66 – Eagle Spirit Media
doors open at 6.30pm - come for a cuppa first
Screening starts at 7pm.

Eagle Spirit Media
Lot 66, Crystal Waters
65 Kilcoy Lane, Conondale

$6 suggested donation. Teas and coffee provided.
Please RSVP: eaglespiritmedia@gmail.com

Both these films are created by Helen Iles, who visited Crystal Waters several years ago, and are intended to support building community - one film at a time. She is currently writing a book on communities too.

#1 - Ecovillage Pioneers (7pm to 8pm)
8pm Skype Call with Helen - and possibly other overseas guests
#2 - Deep Listening - The Secret to Living in Community
Finishing approx 9.30 to 10pm depending on length of Skype conversation.

About The Films

Ecovillage Pioneers is the story of the UK's first planned ecovillage, Lammas, and more. Independent film-maker Helen iles explores community living at Crystal Waters permaculture village in Australia, appropriate technology at Sunseed in Spain, and spiritual connection with the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. She visits Ireland's first ecovillage and meets the Tinkers Bubble and Kings Hill communities in Somerset. In Wales, Tony Wrench’s turf-roofed roundhouse radically alters the Welsh government’s policy on low impact housing and paves the way for Lammas – the UK’s first planned ecovillage.



Deep Listening - The Secret to Living in Community - Dadirri

How do we make deep connections with land, with ourselves and with each other?

How do we resolve conflict and make difficult decisions? 

Inspired by Aboriginal wisdom and with a beautiful backdrop of Australian landscape, Deep Listening learns what makes communities work and shows the path to a more harmonious way of being.

Living in the Future is an ongoing project documenting sustainable communities and ecovillages around the world. Helen Iles has produced three feature documentaries - Ecovillage Pioneers, Lammas and Deep Listening.

Through listening to elders in alternative living such as David Holmgren, John Seed and Robin Clayfield, as well as indigenous leaders such as Dr. Doris Paton and Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann, we learn how deep listening helps us to resolve conflict, to make difficult decisions and to tread a path to a more harmonious way of being... “Deep Listening: Dadirri” is an insightful exploration of intentional communities across Australia.

Discussion themes include:

- Community

- Sustainability and Environment

- Decision-making and Conflict Resolution

- Food Security

- Architecture

- Citizenship, Society and Utopias

- Urban Planning

- Activism

- International Development

- Media and Communications

- Rural Development

- Human Geography

About Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope, presented by Michael Ney, hosts a range of various programs of movies, often documentaries or curated video collections narrated live, sometimes with discussions and special guests too, in person or via internet. The themes explore spirituality, ecology, arts, education and more. The purpose of Kaleidoscope is to strengthen the community of Cultural Creatives. Together, we will broaden our awareness, explore new directions, educate ourselves on topical issues and celebrate our cultural diversity.

Programs may be requested to be screened at your home or venue - usually allowing at least 1 month in advance. Please send your request and contact details via our Contact Page and we will reply ASAP. Many thanks.


1. Cultural Creatives
An emerging social movement promoting arts, education, spirituality and ecology.

2. Movies, Musicals and Mayhem
Presenting classics to modern masterpieces with background discussion.

3. Behind The Scenes
Exploring movie production, actors, cinematographers, directors and others.

4. Stranger Than Fiction
Discoveries of other worldly beings and hybrids and the apparent intersection of spirituality and ecology.

About Michael Ney

Beyond being a filmmaker with a number of documentaries, and digital media producer for major clients in Sydney, Michael's professional adventures include still photography and photojournalism, multimedia presentations and live events, social media, web development and print publishing. A new focus on ‘Cultural Creatives’ - eg art and artists, eco-business, healthy lifestyles and promoting a sustainable future - is also his latest passion. He offers video production work and digital media consultancy in the SE QLD area.

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