The world of online learning is exploding and there are so many technical and logistical aspects that it is hard to be well versed in all of it. You can call on our expertise and draw on years of developing a platform as well as carrying out all the various production tasks such as course design, ebook publication, video production and web structure and functionality.


You have written your last word and are happy with it, yes? So now the task ahead is equally as involved... proof reading, re-editing, adding images or photography, consulting on curriculum concerns and when all of that is done then approaching THE DESIGN.

There are so many different ways to approach publishing and the many questions can be daunting... paper stock, style of graphic design, whether to even print at all - or just keep it as environmentally friendly E-publication only. We can guide you through these choices and have contacts to make life easier - and possibly cheaper too.

We work with a range of graphic designers and can show numerous examples.

Course Design

The overall course has to meet various criteria, and address distinct audience groups and speak to them in an engaging and easy to understand manner. This developmental process may take some time - and possibly involve many people. Let us help you shape the production plan and make assessments of necessary items and personnel.

The other aspect of beginning this endeavour is to work out the final deliverables and tailor the scope to match a budget - and then be certain that it will work on all devices - and meet all your criteria for effective learning.

Live Event Video

Holding special educational events on various topics - with either a single presenter or a panel - is an excellent way to source a lot of material quickly and efficiently. Adding our services will ensure  production values meet the highest standards. Professional editing, using your brand design, will ensure consistency across all your offerings.

We work best if engaged very early in the planning process so that no elements are missed and  efficiency is maximised. We can tailor a package according to your budget, and look to create synergy over a number of different areas, ie blog posts, lead-up promotions and final videos. 

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