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Kaleidoscope - it's been a long time coming but it's finally here! After many, many years working on other events which focus on screenings, interviews and discussions it is time to host my own kind of event - with a purpose... to broaden awareness of the aims of the Cultural Creatives community; namely promotion of spirituality, ecology, arts and education. This blog will provide additional background material to the regular program... so stay tuned.

So, just for the sake of documenting it, here's some background on how I come to now create Kaleidoscope. At its inception in 1999 I initiated the video archive for all Popcorn Taxi events in Sydney Australia - a film industry educational initiative and winner of the AFI Byron Kennedy Award in 2000. From the very early days of in Glebe's Valhalla cinema, and later in Bondi Junction Hoyts (up to 2006) I felt someday I'd like to hold my own events. I was responsible for documenting all the events, and for quite a while I also looked after updating the website and helped with promotions. That was all good training... not to mention the varied, deep, education of the events themselves curated by Gary Doust and Matt Wheeldon with a few helpers.

Popcorn Taxi, which closed in 2013, was an in-depth film event where filmmakers and enthusiasts met and watched films of all types, and discussed the filmmaking process in a candid, interactive and inclusive atmosphere. Interviews included:-

Directors such as Gillian Armstrong, Baz Luhrmann, Phillip Noyce, Bruce Beresford, Anthony Minghella, Rolf de Heer, Vincent Ward, Alex Proyas, Wim Wenders, Cate Shortland and Rob Cohen;

Cinematographers such as Jim Frazier, Dean Semler, Andrew Lesnie, Dion Beebe, Chris Doyle, John Seale, Russell Boyd, and Don McAlpine;

Actors such as Sacha Horler, Susie Porter, David Wenham, Hugo Weaving, Geoffrey Rush, Ewan McGregor, Dennis Hopper, Bryan Brown, Joel Edgerton, and Nicholas Hope;

Documentary filmmakers such as Bob Connolly, Ross McElwee, Ian Walker, Chris Hilton, Michael Cordell, Dennis O'Rourke, Nick Broomfield, and;

Producers such as Michelle Bennett, Jan Chapman and Neal Moritz;

amongst MANY others. It used to be my favourite activity, attending and shooting for the video archive, and that affection lasted for many years.

In July 2003 I came to be a founding member of OzDox - the Australian Documentary Forum, alongside Pat Fiske, Mitzi Goldman, Gillian Leahy, Martha Ansara, Tom Zubrycki, and others. Meetings were held at the AFC theatrette near Kings Cross and in Sydney and later moved to AFTRS in Fox Studios and continue to be held monthly there. I helped bring the website into being and updated it regularly as well as send out the promotional emails as well as being the video archivist of OZDOX events eventually creating a series of 30 DVDs which will soon migrate onto the web. I enjoyed putting together programs and master classes as part of the organising committee of this joint initiative from documentary filmmakers, industry bodies and academics, to foster, promote and provide a monthly forum for documentary culture. http://www.ozdox.org

Anyway, you could say such events are in my blood... I've lost count of how many I've been involved in, but it's in the 100's over a decade. Relocating to Maleny and discovering the wonderful venue that Lift Gallery is, inspired me to kick this venture off so as to explore all things to do with Cultural Creatives... and related topics. It is my hope that it will grow and will not only show films, but also have guests appear in person as well as Skype on screen. In broad terms we will explore various aspects of spirituality, ecology, arts and education - and this suits my ever-curious, autodidactic way of life! I'm hoping the events will be out of the ordinary, lively, theatrical with surprises and solidly building the awareness of Cultural Creatives.

So, please tell your friends to visit - http://eaglespiritmedia.com/kaleidoscope.htm - and please join the newsletter for regular updates. I look forward to seeing you at the events... or at least making yourself heard on social media outlets like kaleidoscope on facebook.

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