Baba's Birthday

This 52 minute documentary about Meher Baba was created by writer/director Peter Sumner and producer and cameraman, Michael Ney, assisted by William Bullock and Lynn Burgos. It was shot in India in 2006, edited in Sydney, Australia by Carolina Rincon and features original music for orchestra composed by Christopher Gordon (Mao's Last Dancer, Master and Commander).

'Baba's Birthday' follows Luke Sumner, a young Aussie, as he journeys to India in search of spiritual meaning. In Meherabad Luke will celebrate Avatar Meher Baba's birthday, and be involved in the production of a play written and composed just in time for this purpose. Along the way we see the bustling culture of Mumbai, the Pilgrim's Centre in Meherabad, and places of pilgrimage for many thousands of people each year. The program concludes with the Dhuni fire ritual - a special occasion for surrender and rededication to God. "Love and happiness are the only important things in life, and they are both absent in the dry and factual knowledge which is accessible to the intellect. Spirituality does not consist of intellectual knowledge of true values, but in their realization." – Meher Baba.

The video on this page is an early stage 8 minute promotional trailer - for which Pete Towshend (a long time Meher Baba follower) gave permission to use his music... the decision to commission the composer Christopher Gordon came later and his music was used in the final documentary.

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